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As a company we have one goal, that is to drive and convert as much traffic to your website as possible.  

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Our process is designed to provide streamlined results with customer-friendly pricing.  Companies that are ideal for our services range from startups to mid-sized businesses with modest marketing budgets.  We believe that everyone should be able to get new customers through online channels.  Our structure allows us to provide comprehensive search engine optimization to people that have been given bloated bids at prices only large, established companies can afford.  As a company, we are here to help whether or not you have a website, URL, social media presence, Yelp Page, Google My Business Page or absolutely no online presence at all.

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$8003 Month Contract
  • + Complete website optimization
  • + SSL integration
  • + Responsive design
  • + Site speed test (3 second load time minimum)
  • + NAP Citation with 100% accuracy


$6506 Month Contract

Best Value

$50012 Month Contract


Working together and networking is the lifeblood of what we do. By working together our networking team succeeds together. We create valuable, evergreen content and the work we do lasts a lifetime.


Create realistic goals to achieve within a definable timeframe. The search engine strategies we use last forever. No tricks or services rendered whose benefits only last as long as the contract


Proper implementation is the name of the game. Our team is here to not only get you to the top of search engines but help you understand SEO from the ground up. We create custom packages and plans to fit your needs, industry, goals, and budget.


Never feel on your own again. The experts at here have been helping local companies for over a decade. We provide in-depth, monthly reports that detail your current rankings, visitors for the month, work completed and a battle plan for the upcoming month.


Never feel locked in a bad situation again. Our contracts are typically much shorter than competitors. They are based on no long-term obligations and the option to renew is always within your hands without fear of a drop in rankings.

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What Makes Our Team Different?

As a company, we are based in the heart of Salt Lake City.  We offer a wide range of services and have specialists in all of those fields.  The first step is to look at your current online marketing goals and where you stand in your market.  In most cases, this begins with our team taking a look at your current website.  On a basic level this means evaluating some key on-page SEO elements including:

Your website has to meet modern standards in order to perform well with search engines.  We analyze your code to make sure that everything is as optimized as possible including familiar aspect like your meta information, titles, H tags, responsive code and how condensed your HTML and CSS is.

Your website needs to be lighting fast.  The speed at which your website loads is essential for things like overall user experience and the all-important bounce rate.  The fact over half of your traffic is going to be on mobile devices and phones means your site needs to load quickly for users on the go.

I have seen this team at work and they are truly the best.  SEO Wizards have taken a start-up business that didn’t even have a website and helped them grow to a 10 employee business clearing several millions of revenue a year.

Andres Ruiz

I am so thankful that I found SEO Wizards.  They have helped me personally and several of my friends capture the power of a great online presence.

Amanda Albright

These guys know their stuff.  Best in the business in my opinion.

Brandon Taylor , Plumbing Utah Heating & Air

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